Mobile Voice Chat

  • Mobile Voice Chat is an exciting and groovy adaptation of Internet based Chat.
  • Allows subscribers to create their own profiles, specify a partner profile, surf through profiles and be able to talk to desired profile one to one anonymously.
  • The convenience of mobility, and utmost personalization makes for a clear recipe for a fun filled, mass targeted, hugely successful VAS.
  • Doing millions of minutes every month with over 12 Million registered subscribers.
  • Ease of use as it requires no keywords/ processes. Just need to dial a number.
  • Available seamlessly over Voice, SMS and WAP it provides subscribers a choice of media at various stages with complete porting of database and flexibility in the hands of subscriber to swap from one to another medium for convenience at will.
  • Makes it convenient as different stages are more convenient/ pleasurable on voice/ sms.
  • A youth centric service popular across Metros/ Urban and semi-urban and rural terrain.
  • A full bodied, well researched, complete user interface makes Altruist Mobile Chat an exiting and full filling experience.